Dachshund Derby

2017 Dachshund Derby Registration will open June 1st, 2017

Sponsored by Fromm Family Pet Food


Sunday, July 30th, 2017

1:05pm  Blessing of the Dachshunds
1:15pm  Dachshund Derby and Ribbons
2:30pm  Dachshund Costume Contest

WISN 12 News Contributer Van McNeil



This Dachshund Race is the off-the-wall “brain child or pet project” of the late great Patrick T. Dineen. Although he was of Irish decent, he never missed a German Fest and he had great love for his three loyal wiener dogs – Lisa, Libby and Little Cash. Mr. Dineen donated hours and hours to bring his Dachshund Race idea to German Fest, originally thinking it would be a one year attraction. But the Dachshund Derby seemed to have “legs” – lots of them – and now it’s a permanent fixture each year at German Fest thanks to an Irish gentleman by the name of Patrick T. Dineen! Danke Mr. Dineen! We miss you and so do the dogs!


Sponsored by Fromm Family Pet Food

The fur flies Sunday afternoon in the annual Dachshund Derby und Wiener Dog Costume Contest! There are six age categories. All entered Dachshunds go schnoz-to-schnoz, and sometimes schnoz-to-tail, all for a chance to be crowned “Champion of the Dachshund Nation”.

Following the races, watch the pint-sized pups strut their stuff trying to out-shine all others in a no-holds-barred Wiener Dog Costume Contest! Winners are determined by audience applause in conjunction with a dog loving Celebrity Judge.

Races:   The racing heats are determined by the dogs’ ages as shown below.  Prizes will be awarded for each age bracket. Prizes and group photo given immediately after each heat. The race heats are:
Puppy to 1 year old           Lil’ Smokies
1 year – 3 year old            Frankfurters
3 year – 5 year old            Bratwursts
5 year – 8 year old            Schnitzels
8 year and up                    Knockwursts
Special Needs                   Braunschweigers


2017 Dachshund Derby Registration will open June 1st, 2017

View the videos below to see past Dachshund Derby highlights.