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Music from Salzburg to Milwaukee

Die Alpenkracher

In 2009, five musicians from Salzburger Land (Austria) came together with one mission: to create a good atmosphere at parties, weddings and big celebrations. The passion for music and the joy of making people happy led to a constantly expanding repertoire. While the band’s first appearances were with the typical Austrian Oberkrainer sound and Schlager music, these styles were supplemented by rock and pop music, as well as oldies and evergreens and modern party hits. In the meantime, a classic Oberkrainer band has become a party band that has also gained international experience without forgetting its roots.

However, the band soon realized that five people were not enough for a band, so a sixth member was  added. Now with six members, Die Alpenkracher play large festivals in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where they create a lively atmosphere and cheerfulness.

Soon the Alpenkracher will also bring their Sound of Music from Salzburg to Milwaukee and create a great atmosphere there too.

unique Freistadt flavor

Die Freistadt Alte Kameraden Band

The Freistadt Alte Kameraden Band is rooted in the “Pommern” culture that emigrated to Southeastern Wisconsin and maintained a musical heritage that is literally hundreds of years old. Brass choirs, folk music, celebrations, and dancing were part of our ancestor’s legacy carried, successfully to Wisconsin in 1839.

More than 80 years ago the music began for our group when a small band of young men, during the early years of the American involvement in the Second World War started calling themselves the Victory Band. They played polkas and waltzes for fellow 4-H families and supported our troops in the battle for Democracy, the very reason their families left the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1839. Over time these men would select a name for themselves from a Carl Teike march, Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades). Those men played for American Presidents, German Chancellors, and hundreds of thousands of people across America and throughout Europe. The Alte Kameraden Band inspired more citizens of Freistadt as the Pommern Tanzdeel Freistadt was formed in 1977. This is a community that celebrates and honors its heritage and has literally made Freistadt, Wisconsin known around the world!

Today, many of our members can trace their heritage to the original members, they bear a direct lineage to the founders. Legacy members, who were invited into the band by the original members to continue the heritage, and other band family members that found us because that’s what band geeks that love to perform do…they find a family and make incredible music. We’re proud to carry the banner of the Alte Kameraden into the next 80 years and beyond.

The band has its own energy. It grows from the legacy of the Victory Band to the Blaskapelle styles of Ernst Mosch and others. From Festivals to private events, you’ll find us playing music that invites our audience to the party. Come dance with us, sing with us, and make memories with us. You’ll know if you’ve been to a biergarten or an Oktoberfest and the Friestadt Alte Kameraden Band is leading the fun. Because you’ll have been part of it all.

What do you get when you take Family, Legacy, and Heritage and mix them all together? You get The Alte Kameraden Band and German Fest! The Alte Kameraden is German Fest’s Party Band and has been since DAY ONE. We are proud of that legacy and we’re equally proud of the families that come to see us every year as well as so many of the other bands and headliners. Join us every day during German Fest and celebrate with the Original Haus Party’s, Haus Band! You won’t regret it.

Milwaukee's Premier Oktoberfest Band

Alpine Blast

An Austrian, a Slovenian, and a Swiss walk into a bar – and ever since, they’ve been known as Alpine Blast! Over the years they established themselves as Milwaukee’s premier Oktoberfest band. The recipe? A mix of several different styles of music, from Oberkrainer Polkas, German Schlager, to American Rock and Roll (and everything in between). Passion and love for the craft of playing music, and the knowledge how to get a crowd going makes this combo unique.

Oktoberfest favorite

Copper Box

They are spontaneous, fun and they know how to bring a community together with music, dancing and “unnecessary funness!” It’s part of their culture and when they hit the stage–it’s no novelty act. Fronted by Danny Jerabek (endorsed by Hohner Accordions) and his wife, Michelle LL Jerabek, Copper Box is an Oktoberfest favorite!


Die Heimatklänge

In the Philadelphia and the wider east coast, Die Heimatklänge is the prime choice for German-American festivals, and events! 

Founded in 1955, the band has had many great band member lineups. Today’s members Bill, Fred, Joe, John, Wayne, & Dino are the second generation in the musical tradition. 

For over 68 years, HK has enjoyed a musical career longer than the likes of  Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Heino, and Peter Alexander amongst others!

What’s the secret? 

Combining the classic sounds from home with modern arrangements, as well as hits of rock and roll, American country, and the exciting festival favorites coming out of Germany and Austria. 

Die Heimatklänge believes that everything goes better with music and they are excited to bring their music to Milwaukee German Fest!

Join the party

The Biermen

In the year 2021, a group of four talented musicians decided to collaborate and form an awesome group known as “The Biermen”. They came together to share their vast musical experience over the years, performing a variety of genres at many different venues. Featuring German music, adding some old Rock n Roll and a touch of Country music. Throw in some yodeling, and you’ve got yourself a party!

Wisconsin & German Polka

Tom Schneider and the 2/5th’s

The 2/5th’s Party Band is comprised of former members of the Jerry Schneider Band – Matt Schneider on drums, Patti Schoenborn-Kinjerski on keys and vocals, Tom Schneider doing whatever it is he does and the newest member to join us, Jon Kabat on upright bass.  Jon and his wife Gina live with their family in Kiel, WI.  Both have a varied musical background that brings a great touch to the band!  That rounds out our 4 piece ensemble.

From time to time, you’ll see Jerry Schneider sitting in on trumpet and he knows that he’s welcome to jump in any time he would like.

2/5th’s is rooted in Wisconsin and German Polka.  We play many of the songs from the JS Band.  We are adding tunes all the time to give our shows a little extra kick.  We’re expanding our selections to include classic swing tunes and country tunes by Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Bob Gibson and more!!  We’d love to see you at one of our shows.  Check out the “Events”  page to see where we’ll be next.

Why 2/5th’s???  We get a lot of questions asking why we call ourselves

2/5th’s Party Band.  Here’s the answer…  The very first engagement of what would become the 2/5th’s Party Band was Tom and Patti duo for the 60th wedding anniversary of George and Irene Simon of DePere.  The Jerry Schneider Band was comprised of 5 members – our first performance was 2 of the 5.  Since, we’ve grown it to 4 members, remaining the 2/5th’s Party Band, a continuing tribute to Jerry Schneider and the role he played in getting us all to perform together.  Thanks Dad!!

Germany’s most loved folk songs


Alpensterne is one of the most unique and musically diversified groups performing today. The group performs some of Germany’s most loved folk songs with Jim Strehlke’s incredible jodeling. One of the crowd favorite participation numbers is “name that tune” performed on the 15 foot Swiss Alphorn. Jim’s humor and banter with the audience is a real crowd pleaser.

On the accordion and button box is Eric Ray. Eric has been playing since he was 11
years old. Eric’s talent on these two difficult instruments add some serious Bavarianstyle to the group.

Joining Alpensterne is percussionist / vocalist / jodler, Erich Strehlke. Erich is Jim & youngest son, and in the past has filled in with Alpensterne. Erich has worked himself into a regular position adding not only his talent a drummer but a great singer and jodler as well.

The most recent member to join Alpensterne is Aleks Strehlke. Aleks has been working with his dad and brother in the Contemporary Christian Music field for 20 years. Aleks joins Alpensterne adding back chunk rhythm guitar and the secondary bus driver.

Combined Alpensterne musical talents can’t be numbered by years but by their youth and spontaneity. Their authentic German singing and jodeling are true crowd pleasers They are equally at home doing the standards, Latin, and all of your favorite musical genres. The group performs at many Upper Midwest largest German Festivals and Oktoberfests. The group performs in authentic German attire and has a true professional appearance.

Come see Dorf Kapelle

Dorf Kapelle

Bio coming soon!

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