German Fest Musikgarten


Located near the Culture Village

German Fest Musikgarten

Located near the Culture Village on the NORTH end of the festival grounds

Alpine Echoes Alphorns
Hailing from Portage, Indiana, this group plays the classics of the Alps on their Alphorns

Karen Carmody
Accordionist playing an enjoyable selection of classic tunes

Peggy Mueller and Friends
A traditional Austrian and Bavarian Volksmusik group who loves to interact with the audience

Polka Joel Kieckhaefer
A strolling musician, playing polkas, waltzes, and other music on his button box accordion

Pommersche Spaeldeel Freistadt, Music from Pomerania
Performing folk music from the Prussian province of Pomerania in northern Germany and also other folk songs from the German speaking regions of northern Europe

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