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Stihl Timbersports

the Original Extreme Sport

About Stihl Timbersports

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®—The Original Extreme Sport—features the most elite lumberjacks and lumberjills from around the nation going head-to-head using razor-sharp axes and high-powered chainsaws. Watch the sawdust fly as athletes chop and saw their way to victory on the BMO Pavilion stage for the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® U.S. Championships, with three exciting days of competition featuring six thrilling disciplines: the underhand chop, stock saw, standing block chop, single buck, springboard chop, and the hot saw. With a $250,000 prize purse on the line, only one lumberjack and one lumberjill will make it to the top of the podium in this epic showdown! For more information about STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®, visit

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STIHL TIMBERSPORTS U.S. Championships Schedule

Friday, July 26

4:00pm-6:30pm – U.S. Women’s Championship

Saturday, July 27

1:00pm-3:00pm – U.S. Men’s Semi-Finals (Pool A)

4:00pm-6:00pm – U.S. Men’s Semi-Finals (Pool B)

7:30pm-9:30pm – U.S. Men’s Semi-Finals (Pool C)

Sunday, July 28

2:00pm-5:00pm – U.S. Men’s Championship

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