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Bienenstich traditional German coffeecake filled with a special custard and topped with almonds and honey
Bismark Herring marinated herring (fish) served on a bun
Frankfurter hot dog
Goulasch seasoned stew meat flavored with paprika and served with noodles
Bratherring fried marinated herring
Kassler Rippchen smoked pork chops
Knoedel dumpling(s)
Konditorei pastry/cake shop
Kuchen cake
Kartoffel Pfannekuchen pancakes made from shredded potatoes with sausage and applesauce
Rollbraten roasted pork loin with sauteed seasoned onions
Rollmop a piece of Bismark Herring wrapped around a pickle
Sauerbraten marinated beef roast
Sauerkraut pickled cabbage
Schnitzel breaded boneless pork cutlet
Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte Black Forest cherry cake
Spanferkel roasted whole pig
Strudel fruit filled pastry
Torte cake tart
Wurst sausage

Authentic German Pretzels

German Pretzel

Authentic Bavarian soft pretzels are handmade and freshly baked, just the way they’ve been doing it in Germany for hundreds of years. One taste and you’ll want to trade in your pretzel for a “bretzel” from the Milwaukee Pretzel Company.

Who's Thirsty?


Since 1981, we’ve been firm believers that mankind does not live by Usinger’s Brats alone. Mankind needs a beverage or two to compliment a brat, a rollbraten & even bienenstich – that’s why we have gathered a collection of beverages to choose from, including our special German Fest Bier. All designed to quench any thirst & satisfy any taste buds. We also are firm believers in drinking responsibly. Enjoy, but please be responsible.


Featuring the Official Bier of German Fest – Leine’s Oktoberfest!

Returning with the regular line up of festival regulars from Miller, Coors, and Leinenkugel’s Breweries. Try the Leine’s new Sunshine Light Lager – it’s brewed in the German Helles tradition!


Sprecher Brewery

Is returning with the one and only German Fest Bier!

Sprecher Brewery menu includes Hefe Weiss, Special Amber, and Oktoberfest. New to the Sprecher line up this year is their Fest Bier!

Try it, and bring it to your own backyard festival!


Lakefront Brewery

German Fest would like to wish a Herzlich willkommen to our new Bier sponsor Lakefront Brewery!

We will be using a Ceremonial Keg of Lakefront Bier at our opening festivities to celebrate this years German Fest!

Each day Lakefront Brewery will tap a different very limited edition Stichfass for purchase. The Stichfass will contain a Lakefront Bier infused with a Marussia Beverages USA alcohol. The alcohol will be available as well. The location of this Lakefront Bar: East of the Miller Oasis, near the Children’s Area.


Marussia Beverages USA

Schnapp’s Garden

Featuring the official Spirit of German Fest

Barenjager Bourbon & Honey

Returning with all their great shots and cocktail!

Join your friends on a Shot Ski!

Eins, zwei, drei – Zuffa!

Official German Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

German Fest is pleased to announce that Wein-Nauer Inc. is once again our official wine sponsor for 2022. Wein-Bauer will be offering imported liqueurs and champagne cocktails in addition to the many delicious Schlink Haus and Turn Me wines for your sampling pleasure at the wine tasting area. 

This year we will also be offering a special 40th anniversary wine, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese. 

Wine can be purcahsed by the glass on the festival grounds or also by the bottle for you to take with you as you leave German Fest. 

Three (3) Wine Samples for $7.00
Wine by the Glass for $7.00
Champagne Cocktail for $7.00
Imported Liqueurs for $7.00

Friday 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm to 7:00pm

Generac VIP Area – Lower Level

Please stop by and try one of their many imported products


Brewed With Passion


Miller – Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Pilsner Urquell

Vizzy –Raspberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer, Strawberry Orange Mimosa Hard Seltzer

Leinenkugel’s – Summer Shandy, Honey Weiss, Northwoods Lager

Sprecher Brewery – Special Amber, Dopplebock, Black Bavarian, Oktoberfest, Pilsner

Lakefront Brewery – Oktoberfest, Riverwest Stein, Bierzeit Kölsch, New Grist Pilsner, East Side Dark

German Fest Spirits


Schladerer Himbeer Liqueur (Raspberry):  A sweet combination of the finest fruit juices, pure crystal sugar and the distillates from ripe, wild raspberries.  28% alcohol/volume (56 proof)

Schönauer Apple Liqueur:  Unparalleled apple taste made from all natural, delicious crisp apples and fine grain spirits.  21% alcohol/volume (42 proof)

Stroh Jagertee:  The perfect blend of Stroh rum, black tea extract, fruits, herbs, and spices with aromas of butterscotch, spice and vanilla.  40% alcohol/volume (80 proof)

Kümmerling:  Germany’s # 1 Herbal made with licorice, cinnamon bark, clove, angelica root, and crumbled spearmint.  35% alcohol/volume (70 proof)

Echte Kroatzbeere Blackberry Liqueur:  A wild blackberry liqueur with a wonderful, fruity, bitter note, whose tangy refinement has delighted countless palates for around 100 years.

Goldwasser, The Original Danziger:   First created in 1598, featuring suspended genuine 22 – carat gold flakes, this delicious gold liqueur remains a uniquely bitter sweet experience.

Helbing Hamburgs Kümmel:   A German, sweet, colorless liquid flavored with caraway seeds, cumin, and fennel made from a strictly guarded family recipe.  Kümmel has a distinctive, full, rounded flavor with a delicate bouquet. Recommended alongside a glass of your favorite beer.

Schladerer Edelkirsch Cherry Liqueur:  A unique not over-sweet, fine quality with particularly agreeable consistency.

Dujardin Brandy:  Golden amber color; aromas of sweet honey, orange zest and clove spice; very mellow and round on the palate with a bit of heat in the finish.

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