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Bavarian Soccer Club (414) 351-1269 View
D.A.N.K. Chapter Milwaukee – View Details (414) 331-6957 View
Danube Cultural Society Of Southeastern Wi. (414) 778-2373 View
Deutsche Schule – German School Milwaukee – View Details (262) 782-2353 View
Deutscher Sprach & Schulverein (414) 267-7988 View
Donauschwaben – View Details (414) 378-8334 View
D’Oberlandler (262) 695-2112 View
German-American Police Assoc. of Greater Milw. (414) 801-4300 View
Goethe House Wisconsin – View Details (414) 276-7435 View
Kulturvereinigung Deutsche Schule (414) 364-1651 View
Milwaukee German Immersion School (414) 393-5600 View
Milwaukee Liederkranz (262) 375-0294 View
Milwaukee Liederkranz Chorus – View Details N/A View
Milwaukee Sport Club (262) 252-3651 View
Muller Fasching Verein (414) 208-4635 View
Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt – View Details (262) 253-1412 View
Pommerscher Verein Freistadt (262) 242-0724 View
Rheinischer Verein Gruen Weiss (414) 355-3922 View
Spielmannszug Milwaukee (262) 783-5698 View
United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee (262) 879-0522 View
U.S. Fistball Association International (262) 677-4254 View
Apatiner Club (414) 541-8319
Aurora Lodge (262) 790-9989
Austrian-American Society (262) 367-2682
Bayerischer Vergnuegungs Club (262) 646-3301
Berliner Baeren (262) 377-5819
Carl Schurz Memorial Park (262) 966-2841
Club der Pommern, Inc. (262) 242-1573
Club Eichenlaub (414) 421-8229
D.A.N.K. Milwaukee Folk Dancers (414) 331-0676
D.A.N.K. Milwaukee Chor (414) 331-0676
D’Holzhacker Buam (414) 303-8633  View
D’Lustigen Wendlstoana (414) 462-9147  
German American Societies  (414) 550-1980
Germans From Russia  (262) 276-8145
Germany Philatelic Society (262) 251-0617
Gesangverein Bavaria (262) 335-3809
Hessischer Verein (920) 319-1347  
MGV Harmonia, Kenosha (262) 553-5401
Milwaukee Damenchor (262) 782-2353
Milwaukee Liedertafel (262) 490-8073
Musci Family Club (262) 695-2961
Pommerscher Verein Freistadt (262) 242-0653
Schlesier Verein (262) 662-2268
Schwaben Maennerchor (414) 351-6331
S.V.E.V. D’Oberlandler – View Details N/A View
Swiss Singing Society (414) 771-0522
Hessischer Verein – View Details (262) 232-2084
Bayerischer Gebirgs Trachten Verein D’lustig’n Wendlstoana – View Details N/A

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Bayerischer Gebirgs Trachten Verein D’lustig’n Wendlstoana

  • The club had its first meeting on January 19, 1927.
  • Our club is a culture society with a mission to uphold Bavarian and Alpine traditions through dance, ethnic clothing (Tracht) and music in maintaining our Bavarian dialect and customs. We are a multigenerational, family oriented group and welcome new members.
  • Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month; dance practices are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month; music practice is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month

Hessischer Verein

Hessischer Verein is a club of Americans of Hessen descent.  The club invites anyone with Hessen ancestry to consider joining to learn about their heritage, to enjoy social functions throughout the year and to help keep the German – Hessen culture alive in America.  The Hessischer Verein pledges to celebrate our shared heritage, and to have some fun along the way. 


Mai Fest – annual May event in Germantown

Sommerpicknick / Annual Meeting – held each August

Hunsrucker Oktoberfest – annual September event in Germantown

Weihnachtsfeiertagsbrunch – December brunch to celebrate the holidays

Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt

Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt Inc. was organized in 1977 to preserve the folk culture of their forefathers by performing songs and dances from the Pomeranian regions of northern Germany.  We practice on Tuesday nights at the Lindenwood Community Center, 12351 N. Granville Road, Mequon, WI.  


Our club was founded in 1945 with just 17 members. We continued to grow in numbers, especially in the 50-60s with the increased influx of Donauschwaben immigrants from Europe. Today we have around 200 members, and host and participate in events in the German and Milwaukee communities year-round.

The success and future of the UDoM is dependent on the willingness and dedication to the preservation of our Donauschwaben culture, traditions, and past. If you come to any of our events, it is easy to see how the next generation of Donauschwaben – those born and raised in the USA – are proud to carry on the traditions of our forefathers.

Our club’s home is The Schwabenhof on Silver Spring Drive in Menomonee Falls. This is where we host all of our events. 

Milwaukee Liederkranz Chorus

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 21, 1878, the aspiration and function of the Milwaukee Liederkranz is the cultivation of music and song.

At the same time it provides an environment where German language is spoken and kept alive and where Gemütlichkeit at its best is practiced.

One hundred and forty-four years ago a few men founded our singing society whose purpose was to preserve and perpetuate, in song, the culture and heritage of the Old Homeland in this Great Country of ours.  While the singers live up to the purpose of the founders of their society, they cannot help but enrich their American Culture as well.

Besides an annual Spring Concert the thirty-six member Liederkranz Chorus performs various concerts during the year for festivals, senior centers, weddings, as well as performances at special civic events, such as the Christmas tree lighting in Brookfield, Christmas Concert with the Brookfield Civic Chorus at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Performing Arts Center, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Lions Club national convention, the Mitchell Park Domes. 


On June 21, 1960, DANK Milwaukee was chartered. It came from a desire to have an organization in the Greater Milwaukee area that would represent the German American heritage in the United States. DANK Milwaukee is the third chapter to be chartered in the DANK National organization and the first chapter in Wisconsin. The National DANK organization is headquartered in Chicago and there are several DANK chapters throughout the country.

DANK Milwaukee supports and promotes the DANK Folk Dancers and the DANK Chor. The dance group was established in 1972 and the chor in 1983. Both groups are active and perform at German Fest and other German celebrations each year. The Chor is a member of the Wisconsin Sängerbezirk and the Nordamerikanischer Sängerbund.

DANK Milwaukee is a vibrant and active chapter. We gather our members together with special parties, picnics, and events. We sponsor a spring dance (Frühlingsfest) and booths at Milwaukee German Fest. We promote teaching of the German language and culture through support of German language and education programs in Wisconsin. Our dancers and singers maintain German traditions in their performances. We participate at events with other German clubs. We are most proud of our members and how engaged they are with the greater Milwaukee German community.

Deutsche Schule – German School Milwaukee

We were founded in 1932. The mission of the Deutsche-Amerikanische Kulturvereinigung, founded in 1932, is based on goals taken from our Articles of Incorporation:

  1. Maintain a school of German language in order to uphold and pass-on German language, traditions, customs, literature, art and music.
  2. Promote, develop and encourage good fellowship and social activities among our member societies.
  3. Bring together and strengthen German organizations throughout Wisconsin with common goals of preservation of German culture, language and education.
  4. Provide upstanding guidance and purpose to students of the German language and culture.

Goethe House Wisconsin

Goethe Haus Milwaukee was registered with the state of Wisconsin on March 10, 1958. The founding committee included: Dr. J. Martin Klotsche, UW-Milwaukee; Richard Krug, Milwaukee Public Library; Edward O’Donnell, Marquette University; Henry Reuss, U.S. Congressman; Dr. Eric Waldmann, Marquette University; and Frank Zeidler, Milwaukee Mayor.

From 1960 to 1990, Goethe Haus Milwaukee was housed in the Milwaukee Public Library. From this location, the organization offered German classes, lectures on German architecture, art, and history and provided a lending library. The Goethe Haus Library was one of the best German libraries in the Middle West with more than 7,500 books, magazines and newspapers from Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Vienna available within 24 hours after publication. It housed a reading room, a music room, and an exhibit room.

Goethe Haus was founded as a German-American cultural institute in the Milwaukee Public Library. It’s purpose: to acquaint Americans with significant trends in the cultural life of Germany of the past and primarily the Germany of today.

Today Goethe House Wisconsin continues to serve the German-American community by offering professional German language classes, providing seminars for local German teachers, hosting lectures about various German topics, showing German films, and partnering with local organizations on a number of exciting cultural events

S.V.E.V. D’Oberlandler

Founded in 1928 by a group of Austrian immigrants who were turned away from the Wendlestoana for not being of German descent. We perpetuate the Bavarian culture through music, song and dance.  Our tracht represents the Miesbach tracht and the tracht is very indicative to the hunter in the Bavarian Alps. We practice twice a month on Friday nights, normally on the 1st and 3rd Fridays,  with our monthly business meeting preceeding our practice on the 3rd Friday of the month.