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Our German Fest Volunteers are priceless! They help us introduce new generations to German culture & traditions.

German Fest happens with the dedication and hard work of THOUSANDS of truly appreciated volunteers!

Some volunteers assist before the fest during set-up, some work during the actual fest, while others choose to work after the fest during the take down effort.

Volunteer opportunities during the fest include cooking food, serving beer, and working with entertainment, in the culture area, or at the admission gates.

If you have a few free hours to share and would like to volunteer at German Fest, please call the German Fest office, 414-464-9444 or send an email with your contact information and area of interest to

Otherwise, please download and fill out the below form. Then once complete please email a copy of your volunteer sign up form to

Transportation for volunteers

Shuttle Service for Volunteers

A small bus will run daily to assist German Fest Volunteers in getting from the parking lots to the gates:
Friday, July 28th – 2 pm until 1:00 am Saturday
Saturday, July 29th – 11 am until 1:00 am Sunday
Sunday, July 30th – 10 am until 10 pm

Pick Up/Drop Off Locations:
Lot P
South Gate
Lot A Gate 6
Mid Gate

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